Why is it sqltrace.com?

November 9th, 2007 No comments

This blog is going to cover several Microsoft SQL Server performance related topics. Over the years I assembled an extensive list of trace flags available for the Microsoft flagship database. So large portion of the blog articles will be devoted to trace flags and their impact on performance and behavior of the SQL Server engine.

A word of advise related to the SQL Server trace flags. They are a very useful instrument for troubleshooting of the database engine, they do help to uncover performance and stability related issues. But… Be very careful when going to use some of the trace flags on your production server. While Microsoft documents some of the trace flags at http://support.microsoft.com web site and several flags described in SQL Server Books On Line, test procedures for the database engine with trace flags is less extensive than without them. So before going to a production deployment with some trace flag enabled, test, test, test. And then test some more.

I also going to ‘trace’ here changes and updates to the Microsoft SQL Server product line.

And finally, my name is Konstantin Korobkov and I’ve been working with SQL Server for more than 10 years and with other database like Oracle, Sybase and Teradata for almost 15 years. Feel free to send me questions and suggestions at konstkor@gmail.com.

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